Pen and Pals was conceived when Katelyn, Maddie, and Curt met while working at Center for Creative Leadership. Maddie and Katelyn were focused on supporting clients in-person, while Curt had an eye toward digital products. However, they often collaborated on projects together, and became quick friends.


Coffee conversations soon became centered on the impact many of the concepts could have across our society if we could only deliver them to younger people. This would require two things:


  1. Breaking down and translating some of the concepts to make them more easily understood across diverse populations, and
  2. Delivering those concepts in engaging, easy-to-use ways.


Hence, the concept of Pen was born, and the Pals soon followed during the writing of the first story, “Pen Has A Day.”


Katelyn James received a Bachelor degree in Psychology with a second concentration in Spanish from the University of North Carolina Greensboro. As of this writing, she is working toward her Master of Business Administration at High Point University. In addition to her Pen and Pals writing, she is also a freelance copywriter.


Maddie Lombardo-Space holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) focused in Global Leadership from High Point University and is certified in the 360 Assessment suite. She continues to use her talents to deliver leadership training with the Center for Creative Leadership.


Curt Meinhold began his “professional” career as a way to support his true love, music. After writing, recording, and traveling the US with multiple bands, he has worked in technology settings for the last 20 years. He started out as a programmer, before shifting his focus to product management and consulting.